The symptoms of Parkinson's may not be too evident in the early stages as it is a disease that starts out gradually and is also cumulative and becomes more aggressive over time. On occasion the disease can progress rapidly and can become quite disabling. How the disease is diagnosed can be found on the diagnosis page.

Other signs include tremors, clumsiness or stiffness and can often involve one side, other signs are fatigue, limb discomfort and difficulty walking.

The voice can change to a soft monotonous tone, the facial expression can have a blank expressionless look. Voluntary movements can be slow and small in amplitude and "freezing" can also affect any direction change.

People with Parkinson's can experience problems getting out of bed or a chair, doing up buttons, the arms and legs may ache, and later in the disease loss of balance may occur.

Depression is also a fairly common problem with about one third of those with Parkinson's experiencing it at some time, also slowness of thought, drooling of saliva, constipation also is common, and later as the disease progresses dementia can occur.

For those who want to prevent the onset of this disease or alleviate the symptoms click on this link and then take a look at the page on the science as I'm sure you will find some helpful information there.

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