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If you have recently been diagnosed with Parkinson's or have been living with the disease for some time, it is likely that you are feeling very vulnerable. It is possible that you are valuing yourself less, and your contributions to the world less, and even feeling less valued by others.

You may even be feeling like you are a burden to others. All these feelings are normal, but know that your disease can be managed, especially if you educate yourself about the variety of treatments available and apply some of the self-help procedures that are discussed on these pages.

You may want to check out a recent significant discovery made by scientists who are researching beneficial treatments for people living with Parkinson's. This discovery discusses cell repair (exciting!) as opposed to treatments that just manage symptoms.

Managing your disease emotionally, physically and on a day-to-day basis is a very personal process. Changing your approach to your life through daily task management, helpful home amendments and an optimistic attitude can be invaluable.

Support groups for both you and your caregiver will help with expressing your experience, and can be very valuable for learning new tips to deal with everyday issues.

Whatever will support you in maintaining your independence and a positive sense of well being will be of great benefit.

The self-help section of this site is divided as follows. Please, use the links to move through the pages in whatever order you prefer.

Home Support
Managing Daily Tasks
Handle Physical Stress
Help for the Special Problems of PD
Home Safety Tips

Supporting Your Caregiver

Employment Support
Seeking employment when you have PD
Are you currently working? Information about your rights.
What About Self-employment?

Attitudes and Myths
Debunking attitudes and myths.

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