Glutathione and Diet

Diet and Glutathione go hand in hand. Iím sure you have always tried to maintain a good diet - you have havenít you? - even though itís not always easy to do. And, because it is not always easy, we may have to supplement with vitamins and other nutritional products to maintain our health.

Even though Glutathione (GSH) can be found in many foods we eat, or purchased as a supplement from the health food stores, it has little effect on our health because it is quickly broken down and eliminated from the body.

Glutathione needs to be manufactured in the body and to do this it needs the right building blocks. There are some pharmaceutical drugs that can supply these building blocks but they are not recommended for long term use.

The best natural food for long term use is a bioactive whey product. See the links at the bottom of the page for a rundown on how bioactive whey benefits your health.

Selected Foods 1b

Source: Dean P. Jones, Ralph J. Coates, et al. "Glutathione in Foods Listed in the National Cancer Institute's Health Habits and Food Frequency Questionnaire," Nutrition and Cancer, vol. 17, no. 1, pp. 57-75 1992

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Source: Bowes & Churchís Food Values of Portions Commonly Used.

As far as foods go, fresh fruits and vegetables provide excellent levels of glutathione, but cooked foods contained far less. Asparagus, avocado, and walnuts are particularly rich sources of glutathione to add to your diet.

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The practical problem of increasing glutathione levels is that taking glutathione itself as a supplement does NOT boost cellular glutathione levels. This is because glutathione breaks down in the digestive tract before it reaches the cells.

Parkinson's disease diet for glutathione

When all is said and done, diet is important and the right foods can help, but glutathione levels are not raised significantly from consuming it in foods because it breaks down in the digestive tract.

Find the solution to this situation by taking a look at the pages on glutathione, science and diet solution. They will be of great help in this area.

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