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To maintain your health, or alleviate a health problem, you need to get the ONLY Formulation that can help.

All wheys are not created equal!

The difference is bio-activity versus nutrition. All wheys are nutritious, however... not all are bioactive.

Superior whey products are processed in a manner that retains their bioactivity. And, they therefore still have the all-important cystine.

Other wheys may be denatured and/or packaged in a way that allows the whey to oxidize, thereby losing its bio-activity.

So, when you go to the health food store and buy a big pail of whey product, you are buying a nutritious product... but not a bioactive product.

Even if it was un-denatured to begin with, which is unlikely, it won't stay that way. As soon as you open it, the whey's bio-active ingredients will start to oxidize, and within a couple of days it will become denatured.

The whey product needs to be vacuum-packed in portions that can be used immediately.

It is extremely important to get the right whey product in order to produce results.

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