Energy Healing Therapies

Remember those energy fields and meridians we talked about in the acupuncture section earlier? Well, the techniques described in this section are based on the premise that physical disease and emotional distress are the result of specific disturbances in the energy system.

These energetic fields interact with the body, but are not of the body. The point of these healing strategies is to restore balance to your body's system.

These invisible, electrical fields of the body appear capable of the transmissinon of certain nonphysical energy, which interact with the body, but are not of the body. The strategy that these healing therapies employ is the restoration of balance to your body's energy system.

These fields also appear capable of the transmission of certain information, including inherited learning. They also appear to have significant survival value within a species. In man, they appear responsible for such phenomena as intuition and paranormal experiences, as well as the startling similarity between twins raised apart since infancy.

Unmolested, this system maintains the body in a condition of maximal health and well-being. Disturbances in this system are brought about by repeated insults and catabolic waves that are generated by consciousness.

Thoughts, beliefs, values, principles, emotions, and behaviors associated with levels of consciousness below 200 on the "Hawkins Map Of Consciousness" are catabolic. This results, kinesiologically, in a weak body test.

Habitual repetition of conscious or unconscious thoughts in this range gradually engender energy disturbances, self-perpetuating in nature, which ultimately manifest as physical disease.

Healing involves not only the treatment of the disturbance, itself a morphogenetic field, but also a shift in the energy generated by conscious and unconscious processes.

The former is accomplished by the application of specific interruptions to the Meridians of Qi (pronounced 'chee') - or life force - which disorganize the self-perpetuating energy fields associated with disease states.

The latter is most efficiently accomplished by neutralizing the energy of 'low level' thoughts, by disrupting the catabolic pattern of thought energy via EM (electromagnetic) pulsations to the meridians, while simultaneously and volitionally invoking the Divine Energy of Forgiveness.

Catabolic fields result from the individual's alignment with beliefs, values, principles, etc., that are in opposition to the 'will' of All That Is, or are not supportive of life in all of its forms.

The adoption of an attitude of forgiveness, mercy, compassion, and loving kindness is anabolic, or life enhancing. It promotes self healing and serves a prophylactic function as well as promoting the spontaneous healing of others.

Altering the energetic flow of the meridians of Qi can be accomplished in a variety of ways other than needles. Pressure, rubbing, burning incense, tapping, laser light, and most recently EM pulsations developed by the Tree of Life Foundation, are all clinical alternatives.

Most importantly, the meridians are also influenced by the minute electrical energy of our thoughts. Each thought contributes a specific pattern to the energy field of our being.

The meridians are truly the 'mind-body' connection. There are no idle thoughts. All thoughts have an energetic consequence. It is only a question of how your thoughts will affect you energetically.

All thoughts create in their own likeness. Catabolic energy injures, anabolic energy heals. Mercy and forgiveness heal the self, while freeing the other.

Traditional Chinese Medicine attributes the curative effects of acupuncture to the direct action of the meridian energy on body organs through which they pass. Recent research indicates that, when meridian (acupuncture) points are stimulated, there is a corresponding activation of a specific region in the brain. Each acupuncture point has a corresponding brain area which is stimulated when that point is activated.

Many people are finding that this type of therapy has worked for them, when nothing else has.

We have provided brief descriptions of a few of the energy healing therapies for you here:

Polarity Therapy

Designed to restore energy flow throughout the body, this technique is a synthesis of modern medicine, Chinese medicine, and Hindu Ayurvedic health practices.

Polarity therapists believe that energetic currents in the body are like electricity and can be positive, negative, or neutral. In treatment, you would lie on a massage table, and the practitioner would use light hand pressure to stimulate specific parts of your body to remove energy blocks, and to restore balance.

A session would last from 60 to 90 minutes.

Polarity treatment is used to increase vitality, decrease stress, and promote a state of relaxation.


One of the more mystical practices for balancing the body's life-force energy. It is believed that all life forms are believed to have 'Reiki', or universal life energy. When your body's energy fields are out of balance, it can be restored by transmission of Reiki from a practitioner to you.

Reiki Masters are graduates of a year-long course at a training center, and are capable of training other practitioners.

In a typical Reiki session, you would lay fully clothed, while the practitioner uses his/her hands to gently cover your chakras (energy centers), organs, and glands.

Physical sensations, such as warmth, tingling, or lightness, are often felt by recipients of Reiki treatments, and some see colors.

A session lasts about one hour.

You can be taught to self-administer Reiki. It is believed that Reiki also can even be transmitted over long distances.

Reiki is used to restore health to both mind and body by channeling the body's life force. Proponents believe that Reiki treatment can be beneficial for almost any physical or emotional disorder.

Therapeutic Touch

Therapeutic Touch was developed by a nursing professor who worked with a spiritual healer. It is a contemporary version of an ancient form of healing that involves the use of hands.

Many medical researchers have studied this technique, and they have found that it can alleviate pain and reduce stress.

The goal of Therapeutic Touch is to detect weak spots and then remove areas of congestion. The practitioner usually does not touch your body, but rather sweeps his/her hands a few inches above it. Some people report sensations such as warmth or seeing colors.

Practitioners believe that restoring balance in the energy field will re-activate your innate capacity for healing.

A session lasts about 30 minutes.

Therapeutic Touch is used today in some hospitals and health care facilities.

Jin Shin Jyutsu

Stimulates the capability of the body to heal itself by opening and unblocking energetic pathways.

Similar to the meridians used in Chinese medicine, these pathways also include 26 "locks" that are gateways for the body's cells.

You would lay fully clothed, and the practitioner would rest his/her fingertips lightly on the energy locks until the flow of energy is restored.

A session lasts about an hour.

Jin Shin Jyutsu induces relaxation, reduces stress, and increases circulation. Its adherents believe that it harmonizes body, mind, and spirit.

EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique Centers around the profound effects of the body's subtle energies using the theory that "the cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body's energy system." Accordingly, EFT is an emotional form of acupuncture except that needles aren't used. Instead, you, or a practitioner, tap with the fingertips on specific spots on your body to stimulate certain meridian points, while you think about, and hold the problem in your mind.

It is believed that physical ailments are rooted in emotional disturbances. And so, when you clear the emotional disturbance, with techniques such as EFT, the physical ailment will also clear.

There is an abundance of unmistakable evidence of the link between our physical ailments and our emotional issues. EFT often provides relief for a very wide range of physical symptoms.

AFT - Attractor Field Therapy

A healing therapy combining manual and electromagnetic stimulation of acupoints to release the mind & body from catabolic fields ("attractor fields") and to support movement into anabolic fields.

It also uses conscious, intentional processes of release of limiting beliefs.

Through the patterned activation of specific Acupuncture points, AFT formulas both shift the energy emitted by the brain and engender changes in the nervous system itself. In this way, AFT formulas can interact with consciousness, loosening the energetic entrainment of consciousness.

Physical illness is the consequence of habitual thought patterns that cause energetic disturbances. AFT formulas reverse the effect by disrupting both the thought patterns which made us vulnerable to the illness in the first place, and also the energy field of the illness itself.

Treatment of physical illness without addressing the generative underlying thought patterns frequently results in a reacquisition of the physical illness across time.

In this reality, every individual possesses a characteristic Level of Consciousness, LoC, that frames, or limits, both the perception of and the response to external reality.

Additionally, every disease state, either physical or psychological, has a characteristic LoC. This means that although the symptoms of a given disease state may by alleviated by conventional medicine employing chemical pharmaceuticals, the underlying negative, thought patterns will cause a re-attraction of the original disease. It is also possible that another disease state of the same Level of Consciousness will be attracted unless and until the habitual thought patterns are shifted upwards.

AFT is an extraordinarily effective means by which the various manifestations of catabolic disease energies can be altered, as well as the realigning of individual consciousness so as to become 'at choice' about what thoughts and judgments one habitually engages in, during moment-to-moment daily existence.

Thus, the source of any disease and the manifestation of its symptoms can both become alleviated by simply following the published AFT manual percussion protocols, or by using the AFT AccutoneTM electromagnetic Meridian Stimulation System.

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